Tips to Clean the Car in Summer for You

The cleanliness of the car is important, especially in summer, since weather conditions, sun and heat can spoil the paint and upholstery

In summer we have more free time, and that is why, perhaps, we can devote a little more time to the car. And it is not a bad idea to take the car to enjoy a good cleaning session. With time, with the care that maybe we cannot dedicate it at other times of the year. And, above all, we can do it more times than we usually do. But how can we wash the car correctly to enjoy it clean and pleasant?

We are going to offer you a few tips to keep the car clean and in good condition during the summer months. We start with the body, which is perhaps the most affected by the action of the sun and other conditions that occur in summer. The sun, dust, and the presence of other elements such as the birds’ depositions which are very harmful to the paint. The saltpeter and the sand, which are present when we are near the beach and also affect the body quite negatively.

clean the car in summer

Car wash in summer: the body

The washing must not do in the most sunshine hours, so we can plan this wash in the morning, before the sun begins to warm up much or afternoon, when it is no longer very high. First of all, you have to remove items that can scratch the paint. A pass with the spear of water under pressure will be able to remove the sand without risk, and, also, it will use to tear off the spots most attached to the body, such as bird depositions.

Then you can put the car in a car wash tunnel, were using the prewash programs you can get a complete cleaning of the body. It is advisable to use a wax rinse, which will prevent dirt from sticking back to the body and protect the car from sunlight. If you wash the car with a pressure hose, the application of the wax can also be very suitable. Of course, in this case, it is better to let the car dry out to prevent dirt from sticking to the paint when it is moving.

If we have parked somewhere where dirt accumulates, such as a tree, and the car has received bird droppings, that more obvious dirt can clean with a water hose or a damp cloth. No need to give a full wash, but removing that dirt will help keep the car protected.

clean the car in summer

Clean the inside of the car

The upholstery requires special care since it also suffers from the sun and heat. The good idea is to protect the interior of the vehicle with sun visor, the effect of the sun reduced, and the upholstery is not heated. In any case, to properly clean the body and protect it from the effects of the sun, it is necessary to use products suitable for the material with which it manufactured. Many of these products help recover the original color and protect the upholstery with an anti-static coating to prevent dirt from sticking in a short time.

The wiper blades usually damaged by the sun and heat, so it is advisable to moisten them with water every so often and clean them with a cloth to protect the rubber.

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