How to Paint Your Car by Yourself

In times of crisis, any savings are little. More if what we want to do is something similar to a whim. In this case, paint the car differently than we have. A decision that must make if we are sure of it. Since the expense, although we do it on our own, is usually somewhat high. But what steps should we follow to paint the car properly?

The process that we must follow to modify the color of the car is long and difficult, but it can make a real brush. To do this, the first thing we should do is sand the surface or, if required, strip it. The use of the solvent is the best solution to remove any element that contains traces of oil or dirt. Work materials must be grasped with sufficient force.

Next, if we observe that the structure certainly shows considerable blows, we must model them with putty. This system helps increase thicknesses. Its use will be at the expense of whether the car rubs are of lesser or greater consideration. Once we have seen the blows and the appropriate treatment for each of them, we will treat the putty with its corresponding sandpaper, accompanied by water to give the desired shape.

After that, we apply a primer with a gun, in its base color (usually cream color). We sand again, following the car’s silhouette more conscientiously. Once completely sanded, we proceed to the preparation of the paint. For this process, it is necessary to know the fair proportions that we must prepare and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

If we decide to carry out a monolayer ratio, we must take into account the following dimensions: 50% paint, 25% diluent, and 25% cobalt or catalyst drying. The catalyst is important to be supplied by the same brand. On the other hand, if we decide a bilayer ratio, in that case, the proportions will be 75% paint and 25% thinner.

paint your car

Of course, the first of the layers have to be more diluted in solvent proportion. Remember that between layer and layer should spend about 15 or 20 minutes. From there and taking into account the times, we can throw the hands that we believe appropriate. Always, at least two hands.

After having painted the last hand, the wait should be extended by up to one hour. In this way, we can start with the lacquering process. It is advisable if it has not done before to make tests on a piece of sheet metal so as not to cause unnecessary damage. It is the most delicate process and the one that requires more skill and patience. To this, we must add that it drips very easily. From here, it depends on both the hue and brightness of the car.

Once lacquered, could you wait until it dries completely? It is at this time where you have to be more careful with hairs, dust, etc. , since the car will be a real magnet for them. For that reason, the car must be in a place foreign to all these particles.

When the varnish is dry, we can already enjoy our new color. Perfect for crossing the roads.

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