Some Tips for You to Save Gas

We agree that in times of crisis, the price of gasoline is a very important value in the family economy and more with the increases that we get used to very fragile oil before the ups and downs of the economy.

While many apply the technique of the so-called efficient driving, that is very fashionable today, and others apply techniques of the most diverse that are still myths that do not stop. They have a base.

Highlights the ten beliefs about fuel economy that do not give positive results for savings and can even be counterproductive:

1. Promotion of products to save gasoline: Experts and scholars of the subject have found that many of those products that advertised as wonderful and that save 20% of fuel, can damage the car engine and be worse the remedy that the disease, so be careful if they are not proven products or referring brands.

2. Turn off the alternating current: This is the classic debate that keeps people for hours. Which is better, lower the windows or use the air conditioning? Do you spend so much gas? The difference is zero, and this option is ridiculous than practical.

Save Gas

3. Load gasoline on Wednesdays: People usually do this because they think the general rule is to avoid loading gasoline on weekends since it is these days when the price of gasoline rises.

4. Buy a hybrid car: Today, it seems that if you want to save, you have to buy an electric or hybrid car, and it is a big mistake if it is not analyzed correctly. You have to do many kilometers in the city. With everything, the amortization of the price difference between cars of the same characteristics and segments would be between 8 and 10 years.

5. Decals and verifications: car manufacturers ensure that gasoline consumption must take very seriously. Starting with the 2008 models, the Environmental Protection Agency required fuel-efficiency standards based on new tests that reflect the actual conditions of the drivers. However, older models may have happened thanks to outdated or inaccurate rating methods.

save gas

6. Raise the octane level: A better level of gasoline is not necessarily better for your car. Some engines need a higher octane level, which refers only to how much fuel can compress before it starts. Usually, the recommended octane level is the lowest.

7. Gas savings cards: This is one of those areas where you have to be very careful. One thing is loyalty cards that have no cost and reward points by loyalty, and others are cards that return 3% of fuel costs, because in many cases in the small print, you are forced to split payments at the end month in installments that generate interest payments. Check your numbers before purchasing a credit card to save money on the purchase of gasoline.

8. Acquire a cheap car: Many people believe that the best way to spend less on gas is to buy a car that saves fuel. That will certainly help. However, the best way to save money is to change driving habits. Creating new driving habits will save more money than changing your car for one that saves expenses.

Save Gas

9. Load gasoline in the morning: This myth based on the science that gasoline is denser when it is fresh than in the heat of the day. People think that more gas will fit in the tank if they fill it in the morning than in the afternoon since the temperature does not affect the underground tanks in which the fuel stored so you can buy the gas at any time and get practically the same amount.

10. Tires with more air save gasoline: People assume that tires with less air spend more gasoline than those that properly inflated because they get better contact distances they have on the road. Popular Mechanics tested this theory and found that “overinflating” the tires provided no advantage and that it was dangerous.

We hope we have helped dismantle some myths that don’t save fuel and confuse drivers.

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