The 2020 Ferrari F8 Spider: More Power, Less Weight

In 1969 Ferrari launched the 365 GTS4 – also known as the Daytona Spider, but also the last spider in the Ferrari range to sport a front-mounted V-12 engine. The F8 Spider‘s greatest achievement is the fact that it unleashes its power instantaneously with zero turbo lag, whilst retaining this V8’s unique and very special soundtrack. This astonishing performance and the car’s disarmingly effortless handling were made possible by integrating a series of innovative, track-derived aero solutions into its design.

Ferrari F8

New Features

As with the F8 Tributo, the Spider’s entrance finish is formed across the S-Duct adopted from the 488 Pista, which optimizes airflow to extend downforce. The headlights are LEDs, which permits a extra compact design, and the rear spoiler is way bigger and extra outstanding than the 488’s. Purists can be happy to see that the redesigned rear fascia now incorporates a twin-taillight look. Inside, the motive force sits in newly-designed seats and grips a newly adopted, smaller-diameter steering wheel.

The Roof

Despite the obsession with weight reduction, the F8 Spider continues to use a retractable metal hardtop instead of a soft convertible roof because, Ferrari says, of the top-up comfort it provides. The roof splits into two pieces and folds atop the engine, with the lid carefully designed with cutlines intended to harmonize with the car’s overall design. Deployment time is 14 seconds, and the roof can be opened or closed at speeds up to 28 mph.

Ferrari F8

Consequently, the F8 Spider sets a new benchmark for the “en Plein air” sports car in terms of usable performance and exceptional handling, providing an incredibly rewarding driving experience. In fact, it excels in merging handling dynamics with surprising in-car comfort. This Ferrari spider thus combines the characteristics of the most lauded 8-cylinder engine in history with unparalleled driving pleasure.

As with the F8 Tributo, the F8 Spider comes packed with all of Ferrari’s latest performance tech, including an electronic limited-slip differential and the company’s side slip control, which allows for controlled drifting. There’s also the “Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer” system, which adjusts the brake pressure at each individual caliper to best optimize traction into and out of corners. Its high low beam H13 led headlight bulb kit is another interesting part. Giving you a fantastic night driving experience.

Ferrari F8

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