The Ferrari Winter Tires for Better Driving

Today I’ve got the warmth of my office to drive this the fantastic Portofino and to talk to you about these winter tires.

They are in their element in snow conditions but there are a lot more versatile than that. On dry days they will outperform standard all year round tires the ambient temperature is seven degrees or less. Let’s cover the period from mid-October through to early April, they’re phenomenal in wet and damp conditions of giving greater grip and significantly reduce stopping distances.

The patient you may notice that the little taps on the tire, these are clean Snipes what these do they increase the surface area of the tire resulting to be more clear. Another characteristic is the block pattern, these are designed to dissipate the snow increasing. And another characteristic of the winter tire is the compound this refers to the hardness of rubber. So the winter times are a lot softer compared to your all year round tire this means lower temperatures.

With guitars to be fitted to your existing rivers or if you prefer agenda to the summer months, for example, use a 20 inch genuine and multi-spoke all of them, wheels to finish the 488 the style and the technical content.


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