The Guide to Clean and Protect Ferrari F430 Leather Seats

We’re just about ready to return this Ferrari back when we notice that this door panel had a lot of grease and shoe prints on the leather here so I’m gonna show you just real quickly how to clean that up and get it looking right.

Using this leather brush, it’ll be an easy way to scrub off all this you know grime without harming the leather and the leather cleaner spray directly into the surface. And there’s gently agitate it and it can be seen it’s pulling it off bringing out that natural leather color again. So the leather cleaner, it’s safe for any color leather with the tan, red or black, it all works the same. It’ll gently remove any kind of body oils or grease or dirt and filth without harming the leather in any way.

Once you’ve cleaned the sufficient air, you want to take a clean microfiber towel and just buff off the excess cleaner in dirt and a reveal. It’s a nice clean supple leather again. Now the reason I’m using a tan towel is that we designate our towels by different colors tan. We go a leather, I can do blue for windows green for exterior just different applications.

Now that the surface is completely clean I’m gonna condition it. By conditioning it, I’m going to protect it against future stains or discoloration and also it’s going to rejuvenate the leather help me at last as long as it can. I have to do is take your leather conditioner to shake it up and then using an applicator, you’re just going to apply a few lines to it and they’re going to work it into the leather itself.

What I like to do is blotch it out, I’m not putting a heavy, puddle of the conditioner in one area and then I’ll just work it in into the entire door panelam. I clean the surface, it’s made it easier for the actual conditioner to stick to it which make it last a lot longer. I’ve just finished conditioned in the door you can easily let this sit therefrom with a higher shine which I’m going to do because I like that glossy effect.

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