Safety Tips for Driving on Highway

In Spain, we have a good amount of highways, but there are several doubts when it comes to driving through them, so we refresh your memory

Driving on a highway or highway increases the safety of our road transfers, and we are fortunate that in Spain, we can count on a good number of this type of road to travel. There are free highways, freeways, and highways, which are similar and are composed of two or more lanes per the direction of movement and with special features to ensure the safety of the vehicles that circulate through them.

In Spain, there are about 16,000 kilometers of highways that are used by millions of drivers every day, but do we know how to drive them correctly? We will review the correct way to drive on highways and highways to increase safety on them.

Respect the speed limit

The minimum speed for driving on the highway and highway is 80 km / h, as long as there is no limitation for any retention or force majeure. This result allows the circulation to be more fluid, and this type of road can use correctly. However, the speed limit is 120 km / h, and although it seems little for a fast track, it set for several reasons. One is because not everyone circulates at that maximum speed, and there may be accidents by range. Unexpected retention can also cause a very serious accident if the driver at a higher speed does not have time to react. Besides, although there is a maximum speed limitation, it is not necessary to reach those 120 km/hand it can circulate at less speed, as long as it does not circulate below 80 km / h.

driving on highway

Respect the safety distance

The safe distance is important for maintaining security on the highway and motorway. They are fast roads, and this means that it circulates at high speeds. The reaction to the behavior of the preceding vehicle must be adequate, and if the safety distance is not respected, an accident may occur. It is not necessary to stick to the previous vehicle, and you must always leave enough distance to be able to react to any change in the road.

Signal all maneuvers

This signal is essential both on the road and in the city. We must warn the rest of the drivers of the route of all the maneuvers to perform. The turn signals must use to signal any lane change, when taking an exit or when necessary. The speed has to be adapted so that the other drivers are aware of our intentions and always use the turn signals.

driving on highway

Do not use the left lane if the right lane is free

This tip is a fairly entrenched custom: use the left lane when the right-most lane is clear. Sometimes it is done by not having to find cars that run at a slower speed or that are going to take an exit from the highway because you want to go there. And this is not only a mistake, but it can also lead to a penalty.

The driver is obliged to drive on the right lane whenever possible and free the left lane for overtaking. If you drive along this lane for no reason, it may be a reason for a 200 Euro penalty. Besides, there is also the obligation to make overtaking on the left, not on the right. If a car found that runs along the left lane, it cannot pass on the right.

The driver who wants to overtake has to use one lane farther to the left than the previous one, in case there are more than two lanes per the direction of movement. If this is not possible, it is necessary to get behind the previous vehicle and signal the overtaking with bursts of light so that it placed in the right lane. Always, of course, maintaining the necessary safety distance. If the overtaking carried out on the right, it could be a cause of serious sanctions. The reason is that the car can change to the right lane without warning and encounter a serious problem.

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